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You worked with system, hardware/software development and would like to analyze what effort, prerequisites, and quick wins your team will have in safety critical development.

We summarized most important questions you will be asked – please take a quiz.

We can also show your position compared to the companies already working in the area.

For detailed analysis and recommendations, a subsequent call can be arranged

Take the quiz and learn more ...


Regardless of which type of safety critical systems there are some features of high importance for safety.

Based on our experience in automotive, railway,

medical and other critical sectors we analyzed safety expectations and brought them to a systematic view.

Looking through the glasses with different color filters we can find hidden structures and cavities in the architectures and design.

 We can also benchmark them with state-of-the-art solutions providing the quickest from one side and safe from the other improvement.

One fact what we constantly observe in different projects is that development and safety though are synchronized on paper (in best case) are rarerly go hand by hand .

The team usually lacks both systematic approach and day to day coaching. It finds safety (but also quality,
security etc) some detached from their area of competence and responsibilities.


So we developed an approach of building up know-how through diverse traings, daily updates, newsletters, workshops targeted to particular area,

presentations of lessons learnt. We also made process as short and transperent as possible.


This approach will be tailored to the demands and constraints of each team and project.


Your development processes are quick, agile, and effective. Safety development hasn’t been always thought so. 

It would rather have an image of sound, consequent, loaded with documents and preferring proved solutions to the innovative ones.

Talk to us to find the way how to seamlessly integrate safety to your development process to benefit from optimized, dynamic, and transparent process.

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